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pictoesTo keep on moving ahead, we need your support.

This venture only makes sense if each one of us truly believes in the value of literature and children’s education as key factors for making our society capable of moving ahead as a whole. And let’s face it: to consider it important does not mean to sit back and wait for the government to design major programs, policies, and funding. Just look at us now! If we really think it’s important, we have to provide our support and devote time, talent, or money to turning this situation around.

Looking at the state of education these days, do you really think you can afford to sit by the window, twiddling your thumbs?

Go out there and get involved!

Give PictuWriting!

Are you familiar with our store? Come in and discover our PictuWriting Get Started Kits. The proceeds from book sales go right back into funding new PictuWriting spaces.

If you work in education and want to set up a workshop, a program, or a cultural week for your school, contact us.

As a company or a foundation, you can sponsor a school. If you want to include PictuWriting in your Corporate Social Responsibility programs, contact us.

Spread the word

Do you have a space and a good list of contacts with whom you think we should share our objectives? Spreading the word about this project is essential for getting us ahead. Follow us on Facebook, talk about VoxPrima, write about us, and share what we’re doing.

The more people know about our project, the more PictuWriting spaces we’ll be able to open up!

Give us some time and talent.

If you’re a children’s and young adult writer, illustrator, or publisher and want to join us on this project, contact us. It will be a pleasure to have you on board!