PictuWriting! Because sometimes changing the order of the factors does change the product.

From the very beginning, we use both visual and verbal language to tell stories. We start off reading picture books with lots of illustrations and just a few words, and then move on to comic books as we grow up. By the time we’re eleven or twelve, the ratio of pictures to text evens out.

As adults, we all know what a wonderful role illustrations have when our kids are learning to read. Why not unleash that inherent power of illustration for a process as complex as learning to write?

Most children need to start off by developing their characters and their setting in drawings. They can’t really start writing until they know what story they’re going to tell. If we want to stimulate their creativity and their narrative skills, we have to acknowledge that throughout their entire childhood, kids needs both visual and verbal language to tell a story.

That’s why the creative activities we work with are based on PictuWriting, a creative writing practice that works illustration into the process as a key element for developing a narrative.

We want to change the order of the factors. That’s what PictuWriting is all about.