The project

Educating for creativity is developing the habit of creating


We are a team of writers and illustrators who are concerned about visual media constantly bombarding children’s social imaginary. It’s the heist of the century. The characters and stereotypes crawling out of hand-held devices, video games, and TV sets are happy to snuggle into the couches of kids’ imagination. If we don’t do anything to stop them, they’ll walk off with the precious booty: children’s right to be creative.

Those are our reasons for actively collaborating with education to inspire changes in the way creative disciplines are taught, aiming to achieve better emotional and academic development among children.

How? By creating PictuWriting spaces: workshops that use illustration as a key element for storytelling and encourage kids to separate the initial creative explosion from the subsequent task of editing and publishing.

To do so, we get children’s and young adults’ authors and illustrators together and go into schools to offer kids a first-hand experience in the process of creating a book.

Why in a classroom, during school hours?
Children’s creativity is clearly linked to the ability to innovate and break new ground in adult life. In other words, what will eventually open up our career opportunities is what we learn during our childhood—and therefore what we should be learning at school. That’s why at VoxPrima we believe in holding our creative events in a classroom setting during school hours, because we know from our own experience to what an extent educating in creativity is developing the habit of creating.

We design PictuWriting programs with a twofold objective:
1) Substantially improving children’s writing skills through a successful experience that enables them to boost their self-confidence and embrace learning as pleasurable and rewarding.
2) Acting as a stimulus for teachers by providing new approaches for developing writing skills.

We are not alone. VoxPrima has been inspired by projects that have been springing up in the English-speaking world in recent years, aimed at getting literature and publishing involved in education, such as 826 Valencia in the U.S., FirstStory or The Ministry of Stories in England, or FightingWords in Ireland.




Today’s a PictuWriting day!


PictuWriters and PictuMaps, the PictuWriting journey begins!


Some members of the VoxPrima team: Àfrica Fanlo, 
Anna Manso, Artur Laperla, Bel Olid, Cristina Losantos,
 David Nel·lo, Luisa Vera, Lluis Cadafalch, 
Miguel Gallardo, Pau Joan Hernández, and Veronica Bermejo.


Roser Ballesteros, founder of VoxPrima


Sean Love, Director, Fighting Words creative writing centre (Dublin, Ireland)