PictuWriting Programs

During the school year, VoxPrima is offering workshops in PictuWriting, a method that allows teachers to teach English while stimulating students’ creativity.

The in-classroom workshops are led by native English-language writers and illustrators, so that the students can experience first-hand the process of creating and publishing a book-. Their book.

We’ve just started a PictuWriting program with the 5th grade class at Angel Baixeras School in Barcelona. The American writer and journalist Judy Cantor and the illustrator Luisa Vera led our first creative session. We asked the children to imagine the people who would be in line to get on board a cruise at the Barcelona harbour. We thought that the kids would create a community of people who would start a journey together, whose many stories would fill the deck of the ship. But from the very beginning, the class decided that it was a dark night, and only one family showed up at the boat: 7-year-old-girl Pippi Delpino and her parents. A robot, a two headed-cyborg witch and a family of sharks are waiting to receive them on the boat. The students will decide what happens next. It’s wonderful to create situations where everyone learns, especially the adults!

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